Pool Leak Detection Service

Crystal Blue Aquatics specializes in swimming pool leak detection.  We have the experience and the professional equipment to locate where your pool is leaking, and the knowledge to correctly fix the issue the first time.

We utilize a proven 3 step process to identify and fix your swimming pool leak.  Contact us at 571-207-6603 for help.

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Crystal Blue Aquatics has helped numerous swimming pool owners in Northern Virginia, DC and Maryland fix their swimming pool leak problems permanently.  We use an effective, three step process to fix swimming pool leaks.


  1. The first step is to determine if there is a leak at all, and what type of leak it is.  There are a few ways of doing this, depending upon what is leaking.  We want to first determine if the leak is structural or plumbing related.  If we determine it is a swimming pool leak then we search for the leak, using dye tests and sophisticated leak detection equipment.  If it is a plumbing related swimming pool leak, we do a pressure test on your plumbing to see if your plumbing system holds pressure.

  2. It there is a swimming pool leak, then we search for the exact location.  If it is a structural leak we utilize dye testing.  For a plumbing leak we use sophisticated listening devices to fix underground leaks.  Each situation is unique, and leak detection is performed on a time and material basis.

  3. Once we identify the exact issue, we’ll be able to formulate a plan to resolve the issue and provide you with a proposal.  Each situation is unique and the location of the leak, as well as the time and effort to correctly resolve the issue will impact the final cost, based on time and materials.  Our goal is to find the swimming pool leak and to fix it ASAP.


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